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Back Pain in the Older Adult

It is not uncommon for adults to experience back pain more frequently once they reach age 60. Because this is the case, there is somewhat of a normalcy to this problem.
Jul 15th, 2021

Those Headaches May Not Be What They Seem

Headache pain is one of the most common complaints among American adults, next to low back pain. In the vast majority of cases, the affected person does what they can to manage symptoms without medical assistance.
Jun 15th, 2021

Is it My Back or My Hip? Both Hurt!

The hip joints are in use pretty much anytime we move. So are the joints of the spine. Both areas carry a significant physical load, and they sit in close proximity to each other.
May 15th, 2021

Will Rest Help My Back Pain?

Throwing your back out is never a fun experience. One minute, you’re tending to your garden or getting up off the sofa, the next, you’re stooped over in pain.
Apr 15th, 2021

Why Does My Back Hurt?

One of the most important steps in reducing and preventing pain is knowing why it has occurred in the first place. At Innovative Spine Care in Tampa, we are interested in helping our patients get back to a sense of normalcy.
Feb 14th, 2021

How Stem Cells Can Help Back Pain

The field of regenerative medicine is constantly expanding and discovering ways to work with the body’s inherent capacity to heal itself. In this area of practice, several types of stem cells are used.
Jan 15th, 2021

Auto Accident? Here’s What You Need to Do!

Automobile accidents happen all the time and can lead to a variety of injuries. We often think only of the severity of major accidents and what that may mean for quality of life.
Oct 15th, 2020

Can a Herniated Disc Heal on Its Own?

Most people recognize that certain spine conditions can develop as a result of wear and tear over time. However, studies also indicate that up to half of all doctor’s visits for back or neck pain relate to an injury.
Jul 15th, 2020

Could Stem Cells Improve Back Pain?

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke has reported that approximately 80 percent of Americans will experience low back pain at least one time in their lives. It has been estimated that one-third of Americans are living with some...
Jun 15th, 2020

Is It Time to Come See Us?

As common as it is to experience back pain frequently, even daily, research shows us a common thread among sufferers: they do not see a specialist about their problem. According to statistics, millions of workdays are missed each year as a result...
May 15th, 2020

You Play a Role in Eliminating Back Pain

Day to day living is directly affected by our sensations. When the persistent sensation is pain, our desire or ability to perform tasks normally may be inhibited.
Apr 15th, 2020

Back Pain May Be Costing You a Good Night’s Sleep

According to research published by the Cleveland Clinic, chronic joint pain contributes to 50 to 90 percent of restless sleep for adults in America. Now, there are many joints in the body, so this percentage includes everything from the hips and knees...
Dec 15th, 2019

Disc Degeneration and It’s Signs

The spine may seem like a relatively simple part of the body, but there is a lot of mechanics involved in the structure and movement of this area. The spine has several bones called vertebrae. In between each set of bones are spongy discs that keep...
Nov 15th, 2019

Back Pain in Menopause: Who Knew!

As a woman approaches menopause, the becomes acutely aware of her changing body. She may affectionately refer to her hot flashes as her “personal summer,” and may begin to relish a warm cup of milk to stave off insomnia.
Oct 15th, 2019

Stem Cell Therapy Helped These Athletes; It Can Help You, Too!

Professional athletes are perhaps some of the people who are most susceptible to injury. Putting their all into their physical ability year after year, athletes can encounter direct injury or the degradation of various joints, including the facet joints...
Jul 15th, 2019

What Causes Upper Back Pain?

The upper back is a part of the spine with 12 segments or levels of vertebrae and discs. This part of the spine is referred to as the thoracic spine.
May 15th, 2019

A Collapsed Disc Needs Attention

The spinal column is a vertical line-up of multiple segments. Each spinal segment serves a portion of the body. For example, the lumbar spinal segment is involved in functions and mobility from the waist down.
Apr 15th, 2019

Improving Quality of Life after Lumbar Discectomy

Low back pain and sciatica can significantly degrade the quality of life by making just about every movement uncomfortable. Spinal problems like herniated lumbar discs can reduce the range of motion and affect everything from your work life...
Feb 15th, 2019

Why Choose Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery?

Over the past several years, spinal surgery has advanced by leaps and bounds. Surgical techniques have become increasingly less invasive thanks to critical aspects of surgery including imaging, nerve monitoring, surgical materials...
Jan 15th, 2019

What You Need to Know Before Your Discectomy

A herniated disc may eventually require surgery. At Innovative Spine Care in Tampa, this is one of our primary specialties. Discectomy surgery is a minimally-invasive procedure through which comfort and improve range of motion can be restored.
Dec 15th, 2018

What You Should Know about Thoracic Spine Surgery

We tend to hear much more about neck and low back pain than we do mid-back pain. If certain movements are limited due to stiffness or pain in this middle segment of the spine, it is important to know what the cause may be.
Oct 15th, 2018

Back Pain Relief: Is Massage the Answer?

Persistent neck or back pain affects millions of people. It isn’t just that we feel uncomfortable now and then. For some people, spinal pain can be debilitating.
Sep 15th, 2018

Welcome to my blog!

Within this regularly updated feature of my website, I will provide visitors with practice news and specials, as well as information regarding the most recent technological advances and new treatments in Spin Care.
Sep 7th, 2018

Symptoms of a Bulging Cervical Disc, What Do You?

Back pain is a big deal. It’s a problem that affects millions of Americans to the point of diminished productivity and quality of life. If you’re living with chronic neck or back pain, it is necessary to speak with a spinal specialist.
Aug 15th, 2018

Chronic Neck Pain May Indicate a Bulging Disc

Chronic pain of any kind presents both physical and emotional challenges. Statistics suggest that back pain contributes to a large percentage of “sick days” for Americans.
Jul 15th, 2018