Back Pain Relief: Is Massage the Answer?

Persistent neck or back pain affects millions of people. It isn’t just that we feel uncomfortable now and then. For some people, spinal pain can be debilitating. Statistics indicate that many missed days of work are attributed to back pain each year. Furthermore, studies suggest that frequent bouts of pain or even low-grade back pain that persists contribute to a diminished quality of living for millions of people. It should be no surprise, then, to hear that many people seek healing modalities to manage their comfort levels.

Massage is a prime example of non-surgical, non-medical treatment for back and neck pain. Several benefits can be gained from periodic massage therapy. The question is, are those benefits enough to mitigate the need for clinical care?


Numerous studies have been conducted to understand better what there is to gain from massage therapy. Massages aren’t just for relaxation; the occasional rub-down purportedly offers specific benefits for people struggling to control chronic pain, including:


There is no arguing the benefits of massage. In instances of minor injuries, massage may achieve outstanding gains. However, chronic neck or back pain may indicate something more profound than muscle inflammation. Clinical care is vital to obtaining the desired outcome, which is more pain-free days.

Spinal surgery is the final consideration for treating back pain after other therapies have failed to attain the desired level of comfort. Innovative Spinal Care offers minimally-invasive surgery to patients in the Tampa area. To learn more about our services and how they can help you, call (813) 920-3022.

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