How Lifestyle can Contribute to Low Back Pain

Lumbar spine pain is typically attributed to a handful of common conditions. These include repetitive straining, reaching, pulling, bending, and twisting motions. Each of these motions requires proper body mechanics to avoid unnecessary injury and wear-and-tear on the spine. However, there are factors beyond body mechanics and posture that can contribute to low back pain. We’ll discuss some of them here.


About Lumbar Spinal Injuries

An injury to the low back can cause years of discomfort and limited mobility. So can wear-and-tear. It is important to see a doctor for back pain that lasts more than a week or so. An examination and appropriate imaging, if necessary, can identify which components of the back are affected. Examples include the ligaments, discs, bones, and muscles. An exam can also estimate the extent of damage.

The aging process is often identified as a trigger for lumbar spine problems. Lifestyle may also play a role. In this instance, it is usually that lifestyle exacerbates the existing problem. Back conditions that can get worse with certain lifestyle factors include:


Common factors associated with lumbar spinal conditions include:


Fact: It is not possible to eliminate the risk of lumbar spine problems. Fact: If you have a lumbar spine problem, you do not have to live in pain. At Innovative Spine Care in Tampa, you can explore modern, minimally-invasive treatments to resolve pain quickly. Call 201.342.8060 to learn more

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