Stem Cell Therapy Helped These Athletes; It Can Help You, Too!

Professional athletes are perhaps some of the people who are most susceptible to injury. Putting their all into their physical ability year after year, athletes can encounter direct injury or the degradation of various joints, including the facet joints in the back. Because those who have devoted their lives to a sport can find it incredibly difficult to sit on the sidelines, it is vital that athletes have reliable treatment options to turn to in the face of pain. One such treatment that has been gaining more and more attention is stem cell therapy.

In recent years, two renowned athletes have given credit to stem cell therapy for their astonishing turnaround from painful conditions. One is former pro golfer Jack Nicklaus, who underwent stem cell treatment to resolve low back pain that was keeping him from the links. After treatment, Nicklaus regained the ability to enjoy his favored sport. Another prolific athlete, tennis-player Rafael Nadal, achieved such success with stem cell therapy for facet dysfunction that he returned to the high-level of play he had enjoyed previous to his injury.

Stem cell therapy is not reserved for the elite, nor for the rich and famous. Dr. Watson is proud to offer this proven treatment to patients of our Tampa office who are seeking relief from chronic back pain. Historically, pain related to herniated discs and inflammation has been conservatively treated with medication, physical therapy exercises, injections, and, when all else fails, surgery. Stem cell therapy offers a new approach, one that helps the affected joint repair itself to significantly improved function.



Over time, use, and general biological changes that occur with age, the discs in the spine can degrade. We refer to this as degenerative disc disease. When this condition causes ongoing pain, stem cells can be collected from the patient’s bone or fat tissue for use in the affected disc space. Stem cells obtained from the body are processed in a centrifuge to separate out the hydrating and nourishing substance that is then injected into the spine. When introduced around the affected disc, stem cells rehydrate the degenerated disc, soothe nerve irritation, and help to restore proper height for nerve roots to pass through.


Utilizing the same collection process, Dr. Watson also utilizes stem cells to aid in the recovery of sciatic nerve inflammation. Treatment works by soothing existing inflammation in the sciatic nerve and promoting the restoration of space in the affected segment of the lumbar spine.


Stem cell therapy has been used in orthopedic medicine for several years. Injections into the spine provide hope for the millions of people who are suffering from back pain but aren’t candidates for surgery. To learn more about our safe, effective protocol, schedule a consultation in our Tampa office.

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