You Play a Role in Eliminating Back Pain

Day to day living is directly affected by our sensations. When the persistent sensation is pain, our desire or ability to perform tasks normally may be inhibited. People who face frequent or chronic back pain often turn to over-the-counter medications and rest. Initially, these steps may keep pain to a minimum. However, if the underlying cause of back pain is not identified, the source of pain may not get the treatment needed to stop pain from progressing.

It is no secret that many people fear the concept of back surgery. Historically, back surgery meant a long and uncomfortable recovery with no guarantee that pain would be significantly improved. Advancements in surgical techniques and technologies minimally-invasive procedures have changed that. If back pain is interfering with your quality of life, we encourage you to come see us. Dr. Watson combines his background in orthopedic surgery with experience in interventional pain management to help patients find the relief they need to live the most fulfilling lives.


Regardless of whether you were to select spinal surgery or a minimally-invasive procedure, there are steps that you can take to maximize the outcome of your treatment. The role you play in getting rid of your back pain include:

Our Tampa office has been established to help people regain comfort and quality of life. To learn more about our laser procedure for back and neck pain, call (813) 920-3022.

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